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The Problem with a Jobs-Obsessed Higher Education

The point of Higher Education is not to prepare for tomorrow. The reason we ever even started this bold and audacious venture of developing great thinkers was not to prepare or respond to what’s going on now. The point of Higher Education is to drive tomorrow. It is to develop people who create the future.


Create a Growth Mindset Team

The trick to having a growth mindset is knowing when to throttle down. How we learn, problem-solve, and just generally think effectively is a process. Sometimes we respond impulsively, making quick decisions based on assumptions, past experience, and urgency of the matter at hand. This can work out fine. Often it doesn’t. Gnarly problems and challenging issues require deeper concentration and prolonged effort.  People … Read More Create a Growth Mindset Team


The One-room Schoolhouse Workplace

Visionary and effective leaders want people on their teams and in their organizations who are hungry to do more, hungry to innovate, and hungry to learn. If you want those people in your organizations, you better be ready to feed them. Providing meaningful and impactful learning opportunities for a workforce is the most powerful way to engage high performers and keep them engaged. While … Read More The One-room Schoolhouse Workplace


Powerless: The Devastating Effects of Not Being Heard at Work

There are a lot of reasons that people get burned out at work. Mostly it boils down to a lack of agency. When people feel like they have no real control or ownership over their own jobs, it becomes debilitating.  There is an issue closely related to this lack of agency problem, but different enough that it’s useful to call it out explicitly. It’s … Read More Powerless: The Devastating Effects of Not Being Heard at Work


Learning is Wellness

On a basic level, learning makes us aware of important information that can help us get healthy, stay healthy, or manage our wellbeing. It can also bring us together, fostering community and belonging.