Emil Kresl, Leadership Consultant

I am the founding director of the Learning & Development Office for The University of Texas at Austin. I believe continuous learning is critical to well being and fulfillment. Through personal coaching and group development I help people realize potential. I specialize in adapting otherwise complex professional concepts and tools for real world application.

Coaching Testimonial

“Emil Kresl is one of the most effective executive coaches I have worked with.  He is a skilled listener and asks really good questions to get to the bottom of the issue.  He has an uncanny ability to help you organize and prioritize your thoughts and come up with solutions.  The added perspective and guidance increases confidence and leads to better results.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Emil to anyone thinking about hiring a coach.” — Eric Raether, Founder & Wealth Advisor at Canopy Wealth

Emil has over a decade of experience working in leadership and organization consulting. From one-on-one coaching to developmental events of any size, his expertise and personal style make working with him a transformational experience.

Group Events

Emil’s learning philosophy is to challenge the audience to think critically about the content and how to apply new information in the workplace and life. Developmental events should be rewarding and invigorating, but more importantly participants should be able to immediately apply new knowledge and skills to make a significant impact.

Emil can work with you to customize an event for your team. Popular topics include the following:

  • Burnout & Work Fatigue
  • Communication
  • Learning & Wellness
  • Productivity & Focus
  • Effective & Engaging Meetings
  • Public Speaking

Leadership Coaching

Emil’s expertise is in leadership development. He understands deeply the unique challenges that leaders at all levels face. He also understands that addressing those challenges are nuanced, and can rarely be resolved with a boilerplate approach. His years of real-world experience working with leaders from a wide variety of industries, and his sympathetic approach make working with him an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Emil works with each client to determine the need for baseline assessments, session frequency, longterm objectives, and specific goals for each session. 

Contact Emil for a free consultation to discuss services that are right for you and your team.

Speaker Testimonials

“During the pandemic, Emil Kresl consistently provided relevant content to employees on personal development, wellness, and building community. As a result, when it came time to put together our Annual Conference, several staff members recommended contacting Emil for training material to meet our members’ requests. As it turned out, Emil developed two custom trainings for us, and presented to three “sold-out” sessions. Emil develops valuable content because he listens, synthesizes information, and thinks constructively. We were very pleased with his willingness to respond to our needs and adapt his material and workshop activities to be inclusive for virtual attendees.” —Marjorie E. Wilcox, Marketing Manager, Process Industry Practices

“Emil Kresl was an exceptional presenter at the 2022 Online Ohio Safety Congress.  He crafted a message for our diverse audience that clearly explained the cause and effect of work fatigue and burnout.  By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, he demonstrated his command of the topic and gave the audience immediately useful take-aways. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.” —Cari Gray, CSP, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Safety Consultant Specialist

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