Nature is forgiving. Despite being mistreated and taken for granted by millions, it does not resent. It doesn’t begrudge. Its purpose is innate and it proceeds accordingly, without looking back and feeling regret or looking forward and feeling trepidation. It does what it is meant to do.

Nature is neglected, unappreciated, and ignored. It is chronically abused. Yet it persists. Given time—given even the most minute of opportunities, it slowly, with excruciating patience, makes its way through all obstructions.

Nature does not feel shame. It does not seek revenge or redemption. Its actions are without malice. Its objective is certain, and despite what is hurdled at it—regardless of greedy, misguided actions of others—ultimately it will triumph because those who seem to work to destroy it will consume themselves. In truth, in the end, Nature owns it all.

Without ego, Nature prevails. What was meant to be, will be.

Nature moves with supreme confidence. Its accomplishments are realized with casual majesty and they are infinite. It may question how it will proceed, but never if it will succeed. Its determination is inexhaustible and its mission cannot be denied.

Look to Nature. Find your way.

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