Whether you’re dealing with Earth shattering matters that need your response ASAP, or a nagging family problem, The 4 Ds of Problem Solving is the framework you need for getting to the solution.


  • DEFINE your problem. Thoroughly consider the situation or issue. Don’t assume you know what the problem really is. Drill down to the root cause by repeatedly asking yourself or stakeholders for explicit explanations as to why things are done the way they are. Then clearly articulate the problem by writing it out. Do NOT keep it in your head. Write it out.


  • DECIDE whether this is the most important and urgent problem for you to spend your energy on, and decide on what potential solutions will create the greatest positive impact. You don’t have to have the fully formed solution yet, just general notions of the best routes forward. Remember that the answers to problems are often found in numbers, which can also help keep things objective.


  • DESIGN the best possible solution to the problem. Be creative and novel, but make sure the solution and the design are also relevant. In problem solving, form must always serve function. Don’t get locked into old thought and common perceptions. Design like an innovator.


  • DEPLOY the solution. Make it happen by being prudent and savvy. Prudence dictates caution and consideration for others. Don’t let your excitement overpower you, causing you to rush in before you’re ready, sabotaging all you efforts. Savvy is how you get buy-in. Even if you seemingly hold all the cards, make sure you get other people to believe in your ideas and feel the excitement you feel about the solution. Savvy isn’t about selling people on an idea. Savvy is about synergy and forging mutual respect.

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