The Four Imperatives of Awareness

To be effective at contributing in the most meaningful way to the world around you, you must be aware of your actions.  Keeping these four simple directives in mind as you work toward your personal mission will not only help you be effective, it will also help you move forward more purposefully and meaningfully.

1. Know what you’re doing

Don’t be distracted from your intentions. Make a conscious decision about what task or action you undertake. Autopilot is not for people.

2. Know when to do it

Prioritization and good management of your activities ensures that you have the most significant impact at any given time. There is a time and place for everything and that includes your contributions.

3. Know how to do it

Fumbling through a process can easily lead to incompetence, and just because you’ve done it a hundred times does not mean that it’s the right way. Be aware of your actions and their effects. Continue to learn and improve to ensure that you’re doing it the best way possible.

4. Know why you’re doing it

If you don’t understand the effect or end result of your action, your actions will be ineffective and you will begin to lose self-worth. Understand the process.  Keep your eye on your personal mission. If all of your actions seem so far removed from your vision or how you most want to contribute to the world, it’s time to reassess.

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