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The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging

There is a time and place for micromanaging. During significant change, like when a new leader or manager steps in, a direct report is new to a job, or when a big new initiative is being implemented, some level of micromanagement is often necessary. Managers and leaders are responsible for things like level-setting, compliance, efficiency, and just a basic understanding of what everyone does … Read More The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging


Use Your Values

Can you guess the three prominent U.S. organizations that these values belong to? Organization One Communication Respect Integrity Excellence Organization Two Integrity Commitment Advocacy Respect Excellence Organization Three People as a competitive advantage Ethics What’s right for customers Diversity and inclusion Leadership Answer Organization One: Enron Organization Two: Veterans Affairs (under Eric K. Shinseki) Organization Three: Wells Fargo (under John G. Stumpf) Yes, the stated … Read More Use Your Values

Leadership is a Means Not an End

You will find more true leaders—self-leaders—among teachers, nurses, and community organizers than you will among CEOs, politicians, and celebrities. It is the former who lead for the purpose of effecting positive change—change that has far-reaching and often immeasurable impact.  Their motive for leadership is not a hunger for power.  True leadership come from a desire to use your knowledge and ability in a way that has the … Read More Leadership is a Means Not an End

Fix the Leak

Don’t allow yourself to become obsessed with bailing water from the bottom of a leaky boat.  With your head down and your focus on getting rid of that threatening water, you’re missing the point.  You’re not there to bail the water.  The boat is there to get you where you need to be—that place in the sun where your actions are meaningful and your life has … Read More Fix the Leak