The Genesis of the Raison App

People needed an easy way to remind them of the mission statements they worked so hard to create.

As a consultant, one of the most fundamental concepts is a mission statement. It is essential that organizations define why they do what they do. Without it, the people who dedicate their time and energy to that organization become disengaged and ineffective.

The same is true for how effective people are in their personal lives.  

For that reason, a lot of work goes into creating a solid mission statement, and when it’s done properly that exercise can be invigorating and rewarding. Done poorly, it’s a drag. But even when it’s done right, the long-term results of a mission statement can be a letdown because when people get back to their busy lives, the mission statement they worked so hard to develop, can be quickly forgotten. Heads of organizations are told to repeat the statement frequently and even post it somewhere that people see on a regular basis. Alas, executives get distracted and posted signs get ignored either immediately or over time.

The solution it occurred to me was a very simple app that allowed people to create their own statements and schedule reminders at whatever frequency they like. This would allow people to keep their mission fresh on their mind in an unobtrusive way.

One of the beautiful things about this app is that anyone can do it. It’s not just for corporations or even just a small businesses. Everyone should articulate their raison d’être and Raison allows you to do it on your own time, on your own terms, and on an ongoing basis, so your Raison evolves as you do.

Whatever inspires you—whatever drives you to do what you were meant to do in life—Raison will remind you of it and keep you on course.

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