Life is filled with currents. They swirl in every direction—a flurry of streams that can confound you. It’s hard to tell which one you belong in, and when you get tired of swimming against them, it’s easy to let that force pushing against you carry you off to some place you don’t belong—some place that makes you less than what you can be.

There are days when those other currents are fierce. They are strong and interminable.

But you are stronger.

One day you will take a stroke and the current will come up from behind you and whisk you away.

Your efforts are surely not over, but you have arrived. As you slip into your current and you are carried forward you will experience the great satisfaction of knowing that you are going in the right direction. You are going where you are meant to go. And arriving at that point in your life is like finally slipping into that current you have been swimming toward your entire life.

Keep swimming. One day your current will finally catch up to you.

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