Maslow’s 14 Values of Being

  1. BeingWholeness—unity, integration, tendency to one-ness, interconnectedness, simplicity, organization, structure, dichotomy-transcendence, order
  2. Perfection—necessity, just-right-ness, just-so-ness, inevitability, suitability, justice, completeness, “oughtness”
  3. Completion—ending, finality, justice, “it’s finished,” fulfillment, finis and telos, destiny, fate
  4. Justice—fairness, orderliness, lawfulness, “oughtness”
  5. Aliveness—process, non-deadness, spontaneity, self-regulation, full-functioning
  6. Richness—differentiation, complexity, intricacy
  7. Simplicity—honesty, nakedness, essentiality, abstract, essential, skeletal structure
  8. Beauty—rightness, form, aliveness, simplicity, richness, wholeness, perfection, completion, uniqueness, honesty
  9. Goodness—rightness, desirability, oughtness, justice, benevolence, honesty
  10. Uniqueness—idiosyncrasy, individuality, non-comparability, novelty
  11. Effortlessness—ease, lack of strain, striving or difficulty, grace, perfect, beautiful functioning
  12. Playfulness—fun, joy, amusement, gaiety, humor, exuberance, effortlessness
  13. Truth, Honesty, Reality—nakedness, simplicity, richness, oughtness, beauty, pure, clean and unadulterated, completeness, essentiality
  14. Self-sufficiency—autonomy, independence, not-needing-other-than-itself-in-order-to-be-itself, self-determining, environment-transcendence, separateness, living by its own laws

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