The Privilege of Certain Knowledge

Blue CollarPeople born into privilege are often born into certain knowledge as well. At an early age, they learn how to work efficiently, manage their time, and otherwise maximize control over their lives. Most people, however, have not received this kind of knowledge, this ability to deal with challenges, realize goals, control what we have the ability to control. They are left floundering, assuming that they aren’t good enough, that their lives are too difficult, that they just can’t keep up.

For the benefit of everyone on this planet, there must be a democratization of these self-leadership skills.  Somehow we must break through the cacophony of Internet memes, digital gunfire, and bad T.V. to teach people the immeasurable reward of living with honor, compassion, and the ability to make a difference.  If we never learn the importance of contributing to the world around us, and how we can best go about doing that, it is a tragic loss.

Human potential is our greatest renewable resource and we have achieved marvels with it, yet we still have much to do.  Our future great achievements will come from the masses not the elite.

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