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Those Damnable Shopping Cart Sluggards

There is a quote going around that goes something like this, “I’ve never met a successful person who leaves their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.” It troubles me. The quote, that is. I mean, when people leave their shopping cart out, it bugs me too, but not as much as this quote. For one thing, it’s ridiculous. I either know or know … Read More Those Damnable Shopping Cart Sluggards


Passionate and Smart

There is a lot of overly simplistic advice out there meant to take advantage of people who are in a vulnerable state of mind. “Do what you love,” “Follow your dreams,” “Go with your gut,” “Just do it.” These bromides speak to people because they reinforce the idea that it doesn’t take a lot of thought or effort to realize your purpose and find meaning … Read More Passionate and Smart

The 2 Keys to Social Savvy

Social savvy is the the art of getting buy-in, earning other people’s respect, and helping them to believe in you and your cause. It is not something that you can turn on and off when it suits you, nor is it a means to an end. It is simply the right way to behave. However, like all proper behavior it does have beneficial ramifications. Exercising social savvy is … Read More The 2 Keys to Social Savvy

Leadership is a Means Not an End

You will find more true leaders—self-leaders—among teachers, nurses, and community organizers than you will among CEOs, politicians, and celebrities. It is the former who lead for the purpose of effecting positive change—change that has far-reaching and often immeasurable impact.  Their motive for leadership is not a hunger for power.  True leadership come from a desire to use your knowledge and ability in a way that has the … Read More Leadership is a Means Not an End