Examples of Using Raison

Here are a few ways you can use Raison 

(See screenshot examples here) :


  • Guiding you to live by your motto
    • “Follow your passions”
    • “Do good.”
    • “Help those who need it most.”
  •  Reminding you of your personal mission
    • “Make my daughter proud of her father.”
    • “Appreciate the small stuff.”
    • “Live a life that makes for a good story.”
  • Helping you to build healthy habits
    • “Stretch”
    • “Breath deeply”
    • “Stand up Straight”
    • “Take time to be thankful”
  • Suggesting a moment of prayer
  • Maintaining a personal manifesto
  • Writing your To-Be list
  • Creating recurring or one-off or recurring task reminders
  • Prompting you with affirmations
  • Helping you memorize information
  • Providing you with inspirational quotes

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