By clicking on the cover image, you can access The Raison Living Workbook. No need to provide an email address or to fill out a form to get it. It’s yours.

This is an interactive e-book. You will be able to work in it using Adobe Reader and saving your own copy offline.

If you prefer working in hardcopy, you can purchase a nicely bound copy of The Raison Living Workbook on

The Raison Living Workbook will bring you clarity and focus for how you can lead the meaningful life you were meant to live. The exercises inside will provide you with clear direction on the explicit actions you need to take and when you need to take them.

By clearing away the clutter so you will see and think clearly about your life and future, you will be energized to move forward in your life in bold and exciting ways.

The tools you learn in The Raison Living Workbook can be used again and again as you continue on your life’s journey toward your personal mission.

When you complete this workbook, you will have a clear plan of action for the foreseeable future, and when you are ready to start planning again, these tools will continue to be at your disposal. You may also choose to use another copy of The Raison Living Workbook to step you through the process of developing your next plan. The future is yours.

You will do great things.


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