Raison Living provides information and tools for personal and professional development. There is a great deal of information to explore here, including the Raison app, the book Self-leadership: The Art & Science of Control, the Raison Living Workbook, the Raison Living Blog, and links to a number of helpful resources.

About the Founder

This is what we hope you get out of using this website:

  • Raison Venn 2Define Your Mission
  • Identify Goals
  • Create a plan of action

A fulfilling and meaningful life is the result not just of knowing what to do, it is also knowing why you are doing it.

Raison Living is about Self-leadership and steering you to your potential.  It is the practice of accepting what is within your control and what is out of your control.

Raison Living and the practice of self-leadership teach you to contribute to the world around you in a meaningful way.

We want you to realize your potential. The first step in doing this is defining explicitly what is most meaningful to you. We call this a Raison. It is the essential first step in putting you on the path toward Raison Living.

Putting all your time and energy into trying to be more productive and getting more done is pointless if all those things you’re trying to do have no meaning for you. Your effort and energy must ultimately be directed toward doing what you were meant to do—what you are passionate about contributing to the world.

A Raison can take many forms. It can be a mission statement, a manifesto, a to-be list, a poem, or anything else that truly expresses who you are and what is most meaningful to you. Just know that your Raison is never final. It is something you will work on and develop for the rest of your life.

Once you have defined your Raison, it’s time to articulate goals, and then develop a plan for building a life around your Raison.

Feel free to wander on this site, but we suggest your next stop to be the Raison Living Workbook.

Whether you’re running a home, a classroom, or a business, Raison Living will help you get the things done that you were meant to do.

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